Media Hell is a web community project to identify common media fallacies, and to investigate their causes and effects. We have numerous contributors, including freelance writers, researchers, journalists, artists and media activists. Media Hell's founder/webmaster is Brian Dean (see bio below). To contact Media Hell, please use one of our email addresses (see below).

Main sections of Media Hell:

• Media Fallacies: falsehoods and flawed logic in news reporting. This is the core section of the site. (Our media fallacies database is an ongoing project). More...

• Media Horseshit: real-life examples of unintentional media fallacies. Includes responses to our claims by people inside and outside of the media. More...

• Toxic Slime: intentional fallacies, ie propaganda, PR and the "darker" side of the mainstream reporting. Updated regularly with TV/press examples. More...

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Our objectives:

1. To make media criticism pleasurable, and to encourage people to actively question/challenge the media – eg by complaints procedures or by creating counter-media, etc.

2. To build an ever-growing structured database containing a wealth of examples of media fallacies – hyperlinked to material in our other sections demonstrating how these fallacies reinforce each other to create distorted worldviews.

3. To create a community of creative media sceptics. This is where our Media Hell Community section comes in.

Media Hell Community

We provide a free hosting service for people who wish to publish comments/articles about media fallacies and related matters. This will, we hope, have several advantages over running an individual blog. The Media Hell website will be the umbrella – a common theme/format and link between contributors, and will provide the menu structure for accessing your material. More...

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Founder bio

Brian has written regular columns for the Guardian newspaper, The Idler and Sleaze magazine. He's also been published in the Independent newspaper, The Irish Independent, The Big Issue, Alternative Press Review, In Business and others. He isn't a journalisthe trained as an architect at Bristol University, then worked as an IT systems developer and business analyst in several large companies. More recently he's worked as an independent writer, magazine editor and website developer. In addition to Media Hell, he runs the Media Sceptic Group and the satirical website, Anxiety Culture.