IMPORTANT UPDATE: We are no longer providing this service, sorry - due to a lack of take-up over time. Please do not send us any material.

We aim to provide a free hosting service for people who wish to publish comments/articles about media fallacies and related matters. This will, we hope, have several advantages over running an individual blog. The Media Hell website will be the umbrella – a common theme/format and link between contributors, and will provide the menu structure for accessing your material.

How it will work

If you have written something about media fallacies, let us know. If it fits our broad criteria (which doesn't necessarily mean having the same opinion as us) and if you accept our terms, we'll include it in Media Hell. You choose whether or not we include your contact email on the page.

The only difference between the main pages of Media Hell and those of outside contributors will be that the latter have a small disclaimer added ("The opinions on this page do not necessarily represent those of Media Hell"), and they will be listed in the Media Hell Community section of the site.


• We prefer content with ideas, arguments, facts, observations. We don't want criticisms of individuals or campaigns of a personal nature.

• We like short pieces rather than long essays. Even if you write only a few paragraphs about a news report you've just watched, we'd like to see it.

• We don't want repetition or plagiarism of material published elsewhere.

• We welcome a wide range of opinions, but we won't publish material that is warmongering, fearmongering or which contains bigotry of any kind.

• We won't include material that makes unsupported claims or uses spurious reasoning (including factual errors).

What to do next?

Feel free to email us your contributions or ideas (see terms and conditions below). Alternatively, you can use the Media Hell Message Board to post contributions. This is a brand new section of a new website, so please be patient – it may take a while before the Media Hell Community section accumulates enough material to make it worthwhile going online.

Please email us: This service no longer provided, sorry (see above)

Terms & conditions

• We reserve the right to remove any contribution from the site without notice, for any reason.

• By submitting a contribution for inclusion on Media Hell the contributor accepts all responsibility and liability for any consequences of the contribution being published (including consequences of the contributor choosing to have his/her email address included in the published contribution).

• No commercial arrangements will be accepted. The service provided by Media Hell is free. Conversely, we make no payments to contributors for contributions.

• We won't include material with links which are for self-promotion or commercial gain.

• Copyright issues are the responsibility of the contributor. We make no copyright claims – the contributor retains any/all copyright over his/her contribution.