Are you Moral?

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...and find out if you’re as moral as you think. Just answer the following question, then get a jury verdict on your level of “moral correctness”.

You’ve lost your job due to corporate downsizing. To be eligible for welfare, you’re required to apply for any job available – including humiliating and underpaid work. One dead-end job, which you apply for, has a question on the application form asking: “what interests you in this position?”

Do you respond with:
1) The truth (ie you’re actually uninterested in the job), thereby benefiting the employer by not misleading him/her about your motivations.


2) A lie (eg you’ve always had a great ambition to work in the field of appallingly underpaid mind-numbing drudgery), thereby avoiding the welfare department’s accusation that you aren’t trying hard enough to find work.

When you have made your decision, click the relevant button to get a verdict on your moral correctness.

If you are perplexed by this, please consult the Daily Mail: the true authority on all moral issues.