The Zombie Plus™
Loyalty Card

Get your own Zombie card – see below for details

The Zombie Plus™ Loyalty Card
is printed in full colour on genuine hard-wearing plastic. Itís the perfect accompaniment for all those other pieces of plastic in your wallet/purse.

Instructions for use:

1. The supermarket check-out person asks if you have a loyalty card.
2. Hand over your Zombie Card, and say:
"Do you take Zombie Plus?"
3. When they say
"no", you say: "would you like an application form?"
4. If they buzz the supervisor or call for security, head for the exit (employees are trained to be paranoid).

How to get a Zombie card:

We have given away several thousand Zombie cards. Since we don't have many left, we now send them only to people who make a donation (via our Donations page). When you make a donation you'll receive an automatic email asking if you want a Zombie Plus card. If you do, you just need to send your postal address in response to the email.