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Our New Blog:
News Frames – How the news is framed, and how it affects your brain. Updated weekly as a blog. Also on Twitter. (This blog replaces our regular "news" bulletins).

How to Avoid Responsibilities – Donít read this if youíre a responsible member of the community.
Coercion With a Smile – Friendly "persuasion" or Orwellian doublespeak? – The coercive tricks of corporate/government PR.
Finding Your Purpose – Donít be a slave to the purposes of others.
Todayís Sermon – Why you donít have to earn a living.
How to Stop Worrying – Some useful psychological gimmicks.
Work Hell – Exposing work myths. Useful facts & figures.
Your Duty to Phone In Sick – Phoning in sick is the best thing you can do for the economy.
Instant Wish-fulfiller – A 15-minute hedonistic de-anxietiser.
Media-free Zones – Avoiding the media to keep your sanity.
"Real" Positive Thinking – The type of positive thinking that needn't upset pessimists.
Office Slave – our new column for the Guardian newspaper.

News Frames – Our new blog. How the news is framed, and how it affects your brain. Also on Twitter.
Diary of Distractions – Our media diary (archive only - now replaced by our blog).
Rant – Short, topical, opinionated pieces. Regularly updated.
Newsletter – Our free monthly email newsletter. The latest news, reviews and notifications of website updates. Subscribe now...
FAQ / Contact Details – Background info on Anxiety Culture.
Lazy Person’s Guide to Power – Our 200-page ebook is available to download when you make a small donation.

Amusement Arcade:
Propaganda Gallery – Large collection (50+ pages) of designs for stickers, posters and postcards. High quality images – for printing.
Family Values Generator – Randomly generates the tender, caring environment of a stable family upbringing. Well, not quite.
Zombie Plus Loyalty Card – Shopping for the undead, with our all-purpose loyalty card. Get yours here now! Genuine plastic.
Jokes – This week: jokes about radio show subversion, how to sack people, 10 things not to say to the police, and more.
Are You Moral? – Try our quiz to see if youíre "morally correct".

Control Systems:
The Guilt System – Your hidden, unresolved guilt makes you vulnerable. How to undo it.
The Distraction System – Society turns focused people into distracted automatons. Hedonistic focus to the rescue.
The Consumer-anxiety System – How our economy depends on consumer anxiety.
The Disapproval System – How advertisers and propagandists exploit our fear of disapproval.
The Inner Dictator – Think bad things and be unreasonably happy.
Controlled by WordsCertain words function as social control-mechanisms. You can easily identify them...
The Metaphysical System – Unsuspected metaphysical beliefs control us, until we become aware of them.
The Propaganda System – Semantic propaganda, and how to defend yourself against it.
Empire of Emotion – Emotion as a sold commodity, and as a social control system. Who is pushing your emotional buttons?
Anti-Perspectivism – How ruling authorities depend on "absolute truths" to control people. And how they misrepresent "relativism".
How to Stupidise People – Prevent yourself from being stupidised!

BBC's misleading crime headlines – We noticed a pattern of crime misreporting on BBC News Online – a consistent cherry-picking of "rises" in crime (which often weren't rises at all).
Dialogue with BBC's Mark Easton (on crime reporting)Our recent correspondence with the BBC reporter about scaremongering BBC crime reports.
Web Witch-hunts – An unpleasant new phenomenon. This article approaches the subject via Marshall McLuhan's "the medium is the message" and Nietzsche's views on "morality".
Subversive Stats – A collection of statistics for refuting common media fallacies.
8,000 years of anti-social behaviour – Puts the current scare over "yobs" into perspective. Includes some great quotes from the distant past about moral decline.
Crime Fixation Watch – On media exaggeration of crime. Featuring Scaremonger Watch, Terrorist Watch, CCTV Watch & Citizen Watch.
Media scaremongering on crime – Update on how crime rates are distorted by the media.
Naivety TV – Has TV news disappeared up its own “sophisticated” backside? We pose some big, “naive”, childlike questions.
NSPCONational Society for the Prevention of Cruelty in Offices. Our spoof charity site.
Letters to Newspapers – A lazy person’s guide to getting unconventional views published.
Survey Questions Outrage – How pollsters slant their questions to get results fit for tabloid sensationalism. Exclusive!

Today's Sermon II – On how to distinguish between absolute blame and practical blame, to avoid hysterical blaming frenzies.
Stress contagion – short article on the infectiousness of stress/anxiety, and how best to avoid it.
Motivation Seminar – Motivating the herd: a power-talk by our CEO. Originally printed in Sleaze magazine.
Scheme for Full Employment – Well, sort of...
Office Rat Maze – The psychological control of employees. Originally printed in the Idler.
Belief Manipulation – Useful information about belief systems, “common sense”, Naive Realism and feeling good.
Stupid, Pointless Jobs – the growth of pointless jobs. If you thought full employment was a good thing, think again.
Is Work Bad for You? – 60% of UK employees dislike their jobs and find their work pointless.
Clare Voyens ~ Anxiety Aunt – Weíve commissioned this famous TV sex therapist to answer your personal problems. She also lets you in on the secrets of sex in advertising!
Sadism in High Places – Sadism, slavery, the ruling class, authoritarian society, Original Sin and the Queen of England’s pheasant-strangling exploits. By Clare Voyens.
Repeating Thought Loops – Change your mind.
Creating Anxiety-Free Zones – Desirable, unhealthy, antisocial escapes from reality are good for you when indulged in excessively.
Irony Deficit – Appreciation of irony is falling rapidly amongst the older age groups. Daily Mail readers are particularly badly affected.
Household Debt & Bank Rip-offs – How banks profit from the poor, the low-paid and the financially desperate.
Debt Trap – The high level of consumer debt, and how debt functions as a social control mechanism.
Book Review – Critical review of Steven Pinker's The Blank Slate.
Bullied by Corporate Finks – We use the word "caution" in a T-shirt design. A designer-clothing brand says we infringe their trademark.

Extended Articles:
Bluffer's Guide to Revolutionary Economics – Capitalism & socialism aren't the only options. How to bluff expertise on the alternatives.
Guía para el economista inconformistaSpanish version of above.
The Bureaucracy Curse – Bureaucracy and the taboo of complaining. Originally printed in the Idler.
Time-management madness – Imposed time management systems make you miserable, and they don't work.
Anxiety Attack – Article on the philosophy behind Anxiety Culture. Originally printed in the Idler and later reprinted by The Guardian.
Capitalism Crib-Sheet – A leaflet (double-sided A4 sheet – needs Adobe Acrobat to view and print) which is useful for rebutting all those tired old clichés about the so-called “free market”.
The Puritan Work Ethic – Spend a day in bed.
The Beginning of the End of Work – 75% of work can be automated (which could be a good thing).
A Critical Path Primer – Our easy-to-follow guide on Buckminster Fuller's acclaimed and important book.
Obsolete Free-Market Metaphors – The “free” market seems like a myth. Monopoly anyone?

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